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Rallco – in brief

Rallco is a company specialized in skylift rental. Our machine park includes a wide variety of truck and trailer mounted lifts as well as scissors, booms and mastlifts. In short we rent out almost all types of skylifts and have skylifts for all your needs up to working heights of 64 meters.

Rallco has been in the skylift business since 1969 and with our long experience we know the business very well. We have always been known for our good service and the tailor made solutions that we offer.

Rallco offers flexibility. When you rent from us you can rent per hour, day, month or enter agreements running over longer periods.

Do you need a skylift in order to execute your job in a fast and safe way? Contact us and we will help you find the best solution.

Our office is based in Malmö, Sweden but we rent out skylifts all over Sweden and to our neighbour countries. We are situated close to Denmark, Copenhagen is only 30 minutes away from our head office.

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Contact details:
Phone: +46-40-930014